Hello! We are Dream Makers.

We are enthralled by creativity and ideas, and we are here to help you realise yours.
Dream Makers Enterprise is a homegrown company made up of the finest group of individuals that specialise in a wide range of personalised creative services and projects. Established since 2013, Dream Makers have been working behind the scenes bringing events and festivals for different organisations. Since then, the company now provides a wide range of personalised creative services for both corporate and personal customers.
The company offers a multitude of services from creative designing, event management to food. Being a fully local company, Dream Makers Enterprise is supported by passionate dreamers with an innovative mindset. Our extensive network of partners has allowed us to set the standards for quality services and understanding of your design needs that only the years of experience in the market and industry can bring.
Dream Makers, transforming your brand designs into reality.


Started as a freelancer in 2008, the Managing and Creative Director of DME set out on an independent mission to provide services that include designing merchandise and apparels, as well as event management.
As the demand for quality design and services grew, DME was officially established in 2013 offering services for a wide range of products. Today, it has expanded its services from designing, printing and entertainment, including food.
MISSION – DME provide smart creative services bespoke to your needs.
VISION – Recognised as the company that stimulates the creative industry, realising Bruneian’s creative needs




Md Yamin

Managing & Creative Director


Rawi Puasa

Production Supervisor

Mubin Mohammad

Operations Coordinator

Najmah Menuddin

Administration & Finance

Sa’edun Saripuddin

Procurement & Assets

Afifah Salehuddin

Business Development

Naqiuddin Salleh

Logistic & Distribution


Faiqah Hamdan

Writer & Translator





More than just design for over a decade, deliver creative in the right place.  Let us help bring your imagination further into reality.

PRINTING ENTERTAINMENT MERCHANDISE CREATIVE Let us bring your best ideas to life. We provide all aspects of custom packaging and printing services with both high quality digital and offset presses that will elevate your brand’s image. Crafting great content is vital to a brand’s success. From ideas to final stages of distribution and everything covered in between, we capture memories that will last forever. There is no limitation to what our creative services can do. We don’t just build iconic brand identity, we also cover the prints, production and logistics, leaving you with a peace of mind. Your logo is your brand identity. Our design specialists ensures your brand gets the aesthetics it deserves that will captivate your audience and create a lasting impression.








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After dabbling into every discipline of design and the creative space, he founded the Dream Group of Companies to realise ideas into reality. From being a talent scout for an international music label to a philanthropic for the needy in the far reaches of rural Cambodia; his origin would be a mystery if not for the feats he leaves behind. He holds several accolades having been nominated and won in both local and international awards.
He also founded the Persatuan Pencipta Pemuda or the Young Creators Association to further raise the awareness of the importance of creative and to prove that ‘ain’t no mountain high enough. In his spare time between studying at a local university and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, he loves traveling and making podcasts to share his experiences.

An eye for detail, he is your go-to for all of your multimedia needs.  Rawi is one of the multi – talented creatives of the team.  He does photography and videography and assist in the editing and production of video projects and also the web designer.

A brief line up of his works, Rawi created a virtual panoramic tour of an entire campus for one of the universities in Malaysia.  Locally, he has worked on multiple video productions including editing and finalising a Corporate Safety video for BLNG, as well as actively involved in the video production team for the Billionth Barrell monument.  Additionally, he is a certified photographer for offshore activities, consenting him to carry out photo shoots offshore. 

His creative plate is pretty full of creative mediums, with a side of playing multiple musical instruments, with singing on top.  One of his way to destress is doing physical activities such as football and trips to the gym, and also playing Monopoly.

Mubin is an innocent daredevil who is competitive, funny and loud.  Our wavy – haired Operation Coordinator loves playing video games, and is also quite skilled in the culinary field.  It has been said that he makes exquisite bowls of Soto.  With his solid integrity and reliability, he is more than capable in handling projects and produce reports to be presented and reviewed by the Director.

With a background in the IT discipline, he enjoyed assembling computers and electronics. 

Predominantly, Mubin manages and oversees the running of the factory and making sure that everything is in order.  He is also responsible in monitoring the production in Dream Foods, and keeping track of the company’s processes and inventory.

Najmah is our small but feisty HR.  With her unmatched organisational skills, she is responsible for everything administrative around the office and more importantly, our pay slip.  She is the one that keeps everything and everyone on track.

Being academically inclined, Najmah composed a published thesis on the quality and customer services of one of the international car services, in Malaysia.  Over the years she boasts quite a varied resume from being an intern at a local food company, a market analyst at a media company to taking up the role as an assistant business development and life insurance; to list a few.

When she’s not managing the office, she enjoys swimming and baking and so far, has proven that she for sure has a knack for it!  If you can’t find her doing either these two, she’s probably out trying new cafes and restaurants – that or she’s somewhere immersed in a Korean drama.

At the office, Sai handles assets and inventory fiscal budget plan for finance and director’s approval and overview.  He co-manages and controls all equipment needed for the media team, and assist the sales and marketing team on specific projects from the Oil and Gas industry. He demonstrates competency in procuring goods and services at reasonable prices from reputable vendors and suppliers. 

Sai is the office joker and troublemaker.  But don’t let that fool you, he is one of our skilled tech savvy members.  Before joining DME, his previous projects include creating a carpark booking system that allow users to book their parking tickets prior to their arrival, and also developed an attendance system for students.  Both of these systems are currently being implemented at a local college in Brunei.

An all-around helper who enjoys dodgeball and very (“VERY”) much in love with coffee.

Responsible for sales and marketing, Fee holds a degree in business and management.  With a commendable interpersonal skill, she assists clients on their projects and understand their needs.  In her academic years she worked part time at an IT company in the UK where she was responsible for finding alternative methods to boost sales for the company.  Thorough and precise, she makes sure that all paperwork and finance are handled accurately and accordingly.

In 2019, Fee was actively involved in the Brunei Shell Petroleum’s 90th Anniversary where she represented DME as an aide that coordinated between BSP and the subcontractor.  Within two weeks she successfully managed to obtain a permit from the government to fly a drone over Seria to photograph the celebration.

Fun fact: Fee cannot sit still.  She always has to be doing something, or moving somewhere rather than sitting quietly on her desk.  Enjoys all music genres but absolutely dislikes music that could make you fall asleep.  When she’s not working, she enjoys quality time with family and friends.

Q is a walking encyclopaedia – because he knows everything!

With a background in Islamic Finance and banking, he received religious leadership training throughout his academic and post academic years, mentoring over trainees.  In 2017 he joined BSM as an intern performing on the role of retail support staff as well as being involved in the BSM Safety Day where he operated on the logistic and HSE traffic.

Consequently, at DME he co-manages and controls all assets and inventory management as well as manages and handles deliverable ensuring the clientele are satisfied with their requested products and services.  He ensures to maintain a successful relationship with clients, vendors and suppliers.

A hardworking individual who is punctual and works well under pressure.

If given a choice between The Exorcist or The Holiday, The Exorcist would probably be her first choice despite thinking The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever, and The Holiday is one of the best movies ever made.  Obsessed with horror movies and lattes. 

Before writing and translating for DME, she assisted in several research projects conducted under different universities.  One of the most notable experiences was being involved in a multimedia history project where she personally met and talked with local World War II survivors, hearing and recounting their stories first hand.

Faiqah enjoys translating and understands the importance of producing a separate product whilst keeping the original aesthetics.  Her writing style often changes and adapts to different contextual settings.  Ultimately, she offers versatility that will match your writing needs, because your words matter.